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Colorado County Marriage Records

Did you know that you can now order Colorado county marriage records online securely? With the advent of the internet also came a whole new way to find people's personal information. But with new technologies and software, people can finally get important and official documents online without the added worry of having their information stolen. However, not many people understand this or even know where to begin their search. Here is some information to give you a hand so that you too can find all your marriage records, copies, and information easily with Marriage Records.

First of all, it is important to note that when it comes to Colorado county records like marriage records, you have quite a few different avenues to go through. If you prefer to go directly through the state government then the best place to start would be the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration Division of Information. At this government office you can get marriage records that are dated from 1900-1939 and then 1975 to the current year. However, for any dates not within those time frames you would have to do a search through the specific county that the marriage took place in.

That site also explains the regulations concerning what is considered public record. This information is important in order to be sure that you have the information required to obtain the information you need.

Order Specific Colorado County Marriage Records Securely

One of the most popular reasons for people to request information from Colorado county marriage records is to obtain genealogical information. With the advent of the Internet this type of activity has skyrocketed. The reason for this is that now all the information is readily available at your fingertips. And who does not want to know where they come from?

Another reason why you may need to order Colorado county records is to find out information about a certain person. This is called a background search, and many different people conduct it. Some of those that conduct these background checks are prospective employers, significant others, and other sources. These people simply want to know if you have ever been married before.

Furthermore, you will find that thousands of people do these records searches and request copies when it comes to needing a name change or for anything to do with immigration status. For example, if you are a new bride and you want to change your name to reflect your husband's last name then you will need this information and other information to give to the Social Security Administration. The government needs to have proof that you were in fact married and that you have the right therefore to change your name legally. What's more, any time you need official documentation such as your passport, you will need to obtain copies of your county marriage records.

When it comes to fees you will find that it all depends on where you are getting your documentation. For instance, if you do go through the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration Division of Information site, the fee is $15 for residents and $25 for non-residents. These prices include the search and up to three pages of copies. However, if you needed to obtain Colorado county marriage records because the dates do not correspond to what is needed from the state government then you would have to first check out the Summit County Government site. Here you will find that a copy of your marriage license will only cost you $3. So you may want to first check out which one will give you the information you need, since it is cheaper through the actual county office.

It is important to learn how to find these records a bit easier if you do not want to go through the main government websites.  There are many different tips and tricks you can use. For example, if you simply need to contact a specific county in Colorado about these records then you can check out the National Association of Counties (NACO). This is the perfect place to find any county located in the United States.

Just remember to always come prepared when you begin filling out any county marriage forms. The information that your records will include will be (among other things) the maiden name and date birth of the bride, the name and age of the groom and where the marriage took place. It even includes medical records for those states and counties that still require tests before marriage. And, while there are ways to get general information for free without any kind of documentation from you, if you need copies or any more specific information you will not only be required to pay a fee but also give proof of who you are.

And this brings us to the final information regarding marriage records in Colorado. You will find that in Colorado and any other state not all the information in these records is made Public. Specific detailed information like medical records are not considered public. Therefore, you will need official paperwork to prove who you are so that you can show you have the right to access this information.