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Arizona County Marriage Records

Are you looking for information about your marriage records? Perhaps you need this information for yourself or for someone else in your family. You may even want this information to check up on a new friend or significant other. Either way, did you know that your Arizona county marriage records can be accessed securely online? Since the creation of the internet there has been a lot of work done with software to ensure that you have the safest possible time online.  For example, when you access any kind of information from a credible site you can rest assured knowing that no one else will see or steal that information.  However, this security does not apply to information online that is considered public record.

One of the first places you would want to look to obtain this information in Arizona would be the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services.  This is the government agency that tells you important information like the fact that all Arizona marriage records are kept and maintained by the clerk of the superior court in whichever county the marriage took place. Furthermore, this site informs you that unlike many other states, you cannot access marriage record information through Arizona's Office of Vital Records.

Request Specific Arizona County Marriage Records Online

It is always best to do your search online before you make any move to obtain this information. Not only does it save you a trip to the state or county you need the data from, but it can also help save you frustration by knowing ahead of time where to get that data.  For example, now that you know you cannot obtain this information via the Office of Vital Records, you can go to the Arizona Court Records Directory. If you needed records from Yuma County, for example, you would go directly to the Yuma County Arizona Court Records Directory. And this is just one example of how you can obtain the information you need concerning your Arizona county records.

There are many reasons why you would need to get information from or even obtain copies of your marriage records. As mentioned above, you may need it regarding one of your marriages, or you may be doing it to help a friend or family member. Some of the number one reasons why you would need to get this information are to build a family tree, get remarried or divorced, or to simply do a background check on someone. But keep in mind that there is a difference between those public county records that are free and those that require a fee.

You will find that those records that you get for free will sometimes be very limited in the information that is provided. On the other hand, when you request marriage records that have a fee involved you are most often guaranteed to find the largest amount of information. From dates and names to actual copies of the documents, knowing what you need the information for will help you tremendously. While some people will only want to see the marriage certificate, others will need Information or copies of the actual marriage license. So make sure you get all your facts before you do your search.

Some of the information that you might want to specifically request depending on your needs would be names, ages, residences, occupations, place of birth, and any previous marriages listed. A great place to go directly for more specific information searches online would be the Arizona County Clerks site. Here you will find addresses and phone numbers of all the county clerks.

In the end, make sure you do not waste precious time or money by carrying out your search for Arizona county marriage records in the wrong way. If you live in Vermont, let's say, but need marriage records from Arizona you do not want to be driving all over the country or racking up your phone bill. Instead, check out the great resources that can be found online about marriage records.