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Alaska County Marriage Records

Where are marriage records kept?  You will find that most often the Alaska county marriage records are kept by some government official whether that is the state, county, or municipal government depends on each area. Just remember that each division of government will have their own rules and regulations regarding where the information will be found, how to obtain it, and how much it costs. For an overall look at what you can obtain, try the main Alaska government website.

If you want to go directly to a particular county, then you can go to the National Association of Counties (NACO) where you will be directed to any county in the United States. The NACO is an organization that embodies all the counties in the US. The services that this organization provides is the only of its kind, and thousands of people access it every day to find marriage records and more. 

Why do you need copies of and information from county marriage records?  A marriage record will generally contain information like the name and birthplace of both the bride and groom, as well as when the marriage license was obtained. This information is used in many different official capacities. Also, if you need to change your name after you are married you will need a copy of your marriage license in order to officially change it. In fact, marriage records are one of the best ways for the government to keep track of all the documents that came with your marriage. This not only includes your marriage license but any certificates that were needed, medical records, and any other documentation. If you are looking for Alaska county marriage records due to an issue regarding marriage, divorce, name changes, or anything to do with social security then you can find a list of things you will need on the Social Security website.

Another reason why you may want to search for marriage records would be to search your genealogy.  Perhaps you were adopted and are looking for information regarding your birth parents, or maybe you are simply doing your family tree, either way you will most likely want to search through various marriage records. This type of information can be found at the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics. However, besides genealogy and name changes, one of the number one reasons why a person needs to access their marriage records is for immigration issues. 

Request Specific Alaska County Marriage Records Online

If you are married to someone from another country you will need to have proof of your marriage to send along with your immigration application. And you would be amazed at how many times marriage records are searched for while conducting background checks.  This is when you will need to request specific Alaska county marriage records online. Perhaps you will need this information in regards to an employee you are thinking of hiring or maybe you simply want to check into the background of a potential spouse.  In fact, you would be surprised at how many people do a background check like this. So before you run around the entire county in search of marriage records from Alaska make sure you check online first.