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Copy of Marriage Certificate

Although the laws governing marriage differ from state to state, a copy of a marriage certificate is always issued to the newly-weds. Depending on the local laws and customs, it may be issued right after the ceremony. More often, however, it is sent by post and may take a couple of months to arrive. When you obtain a copy of a marriage certificate, it is a good idea to keep it somewhere safe. It is an essential document that confirms that a marriage is legal and recognized throughout the United States and other countries worldwide.

The most immediate use for the certificate is legally changing names in social security details and on driver's licenses. However, the number of times you use it lessens off after that. Even so, it is important that your marriage certificate does not get misplaced. It is often needed to obtain other legal documents, such as passports.

Until recently, in order to obtain a copy of a marriage certificate, you had to apply in person. If you were no longer living in the state in which you were married, you had to write to the appropriate Records Office. This process can be time consuming, and often people do not realize they have lost their marriage license until they have an immediate need for it. Now, with the speed of the Internet, getting a copy of a marriage certificate is a relatively easy task.

Let's say you lost your marriage certificate. You can get a replacement from your county. All you need to do is to apply to the county seat of vital records in the county of marriage. The bureau of vital statistics also has this information.  You will be asked to provide the signatures and affidavits from all the major players in the ceremony who are recorded in their files.

According to the Center for Health Statistics, you can get county marriage certificate copies from the last 4 months by contacting the county auditor where you filed the license. Certificates filed after January 1, 1968 and four months or more before the current date will have to be ordered through the Center for Health Statistics. But if your certificate was filed before January 1, 1968 contacting the county auditor where you obtained the license would be the best way to go.

Anyone can obtain a copy of a marriage certificate. They are public records that can be accessed by anyone. All that needs to be provided is the name of either the bride or the groom, the State in which the marriage took place and the date. If you cannot remember the exact date, the certificate can often be found with just the year.

The site will then search for the correct certificate.  Once the certificate is found, you will be asked to make a payment online and you will be sent the certificate.  It is necessary to be clear about what is needed when you wish to obtain a copy of a marriage certificate online. If you are simply researching your family tree, you do not need the notarized copy that you would need in order to apply for a passport.

There are files of marriage certificates created and maintained by the state governments of the United States. These files can be found in the record offices of the state, city and county local records offices. You can visit the National Center for Health Statistics or the vital statistics office in the state or locality where the marriage took place. The information you can include in your request include full names of bride and groom, the month, day and year of the marriage; the exact location of the marriage -  the state, city, and county; why you need the copy of marriage certificate; and what relationship you have with the person whose record you're requesting.

Next, you need to type the relevant names and addresses. Make your payment by enclosing a check or money order according to the number of copies you requested and address it to the office holding the certificate. The cost for this depends on your location and can change at any time, but be sure it won't be more than $10 to $20 for a copy. You may likely pay less for additional copies.  Check with the vital statistics office for the actual current fees.

Every body has the right to access the information in public Marriage records, as long as the proper procedures are followed. Public Marriage records are very useful for anyone who intends to do research on his or her potential partner's marital history or genealogy. There have been cases of duplicate public marriage records. This is a situation where either the person in question was married before or the marriage was recorded in more than one state or county.