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Making Marriage Records Work for You

Whether you are looking for an ancestor or trying to find a lost classmate, marriage records can provide a link to vital information and point out important clues. The free search provided by MarriageRecords.org can jumpstart your research project. Because marriage records are in the public domain, they are often accessible when other types of records, like birth and death certificates, are not. The basic information included in most marriage records may seem simple, but it can open doors to additional research opportunities.

Most marriage records include the full names of the bride and groom. When you are tracing your family history, this information can offer one of the most common missing links – a maiden name. It is not uncommon to get stuck in genealogical research and one of the most common hurdles is locating the next branch of a female ancestor’s family. This is because her last name changed when she was married. If you don’t know her maiden name, it can be impossible to find out more information about her. Marriage records are one of the only places where you can link a woman’s married name to her maiden name, enabling you to locate her birth records and the next branch of your family tree.

Marriage records can also be useful in looking for people in the here and now. Vital records like birth certificates are generally unavailable for public use for a period of time that can span more than 50 years. If you are looking for a lost classmate or an old associate, searching for their marriage records can point you in the right direction. Marriage records include information that can help you verify that the person you are looking for is the person listed in the search results. Birth dates and locations are two pieces of information that can help with this verification. Once you have established that you have the right record, you can use the location of their marriage as a clue on where to look for them.

Regardless of the reason you are searching, MarriageRecords.org can provide the answers you need or the information you need to find the answer.

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